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  1. dj use for Windows

    Audacity is for audio editing not for live DJ-ing. I recommend a free and open source program called Mixxx. It's compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. I've tried it on Debian and Ubuntu and it works fine. Website: http://mixxx.org/
  2. I'm making this topic if you want to submit extensions for Firefox. My Picks: DuckDuckGo uBlock Origin User-Agent Switcher
  3. What is your first phone?

    Nokia 1280 I got it when I was 5 years old.
  4. do you like material design?

    only dark material design
  5. Why are there so much bloatware with HP Laptops?

    My Theories: A. They probably put it if you decide to buy an Internet enabled printer from them. B. Maybe a deal with devs to make money? (not very likely) They want normies to use their software if they have any "issues" and give them money. All in all, I think it all comes that companies put bloat just because they are thirsty for money.
  6. Does your school block this site?

    My school doesn't block any sites. Here's a photo:
  7. Community translated BP Network?

    @Bob Pony Is it possible to translate this forum like the wiki? I really want to translate this site in Bulgarian.
  8. The Linux poll

    Interesting anwsers...
  9. The Linux poll

    Sadly there isn't an option to edit a poll.
  10. Bulgaria declares independence

    On this day in 1908 Bulgaria declares independence.
  11. Hristo Botev Day

    On this day Hristo Botev died while fighting for the freedom of Bulgaria. In his honor sirens mounted on top of schools and public buildings signal for a minitue in the whole country and everyone stops moving.
  12. April Fools Day

    april fools day
  13. What computers do you have?

    I plan to upgrade this summer. I may go with an Intel Core i5 and a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060. (I haven't decided yet,)
  14. What computers do you have?

    I have... MAIN PC - 2008 Custom Built Intel Core 2 Duo with AMD Radeon HD 6450 graphics and a 1TB WD Blue HDD Two Compaq Armada 1510DMs an Eweat ew902 Android 4.4 TV Box and an IBM ThinkCentre from 2005
  15. Pi Day

    π = 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899862803482534211706798214808651328230664709384460955058223172535940812848111745028410270193852110555964462294895493038196442881097566593344612847564823378678316527120190914564856692346034861045432664821339360726024914127372458700660631558817488152092096282925409171536436789259036001133053054882046652138414695194151160943305727036575959195309218611738193261179310511854807446237996274956735188575272489122793818301194912983367336244065664308602139494639522473719070217986094370277053921717629317675238467481846766940513200056812714526356082778577134275778960917363717872146844090122495343014654958537105079227968925892354201995611212902196086403441815981362977477130996051870721134999999837297804995105973173281609631859502445945534690830264252230825334468503526193118817101000313783875288658753320838142061717766914730359825349042875546873115956286388235378759375195778185778053217122680661300192787661119590921642019
  16. What is your favorite Operating System?

    KDE Neon and Windows XP. I've used XP since 2010 (when I got my first PC).
  17. Liberation of Bulgaria

    After the Russo-Turkish War, an autonomous Bulgarian state was created within the Ottoman Empire by the Treaty of Berlin in 1878. Although remaining under Ottoman sovereignty, it functioned independently, taking Alexander of Battenberg as its first prince. In 1885 it took control of the still-Ottoman Eastern Rumelia, officially under a personal union. Following the abdication of Alexander, Ferdinand I was elected prince in 1887. Full independence was declared in 1908. -English Wikipedia
  18. My Dual Monitor Setup

    Main Display - NEC MultiSync LCD2470WNX Secoundary Display - Thunder 7' TV

    © Dimitar Byalkov

  19. I'm sorry for my bad handwriting. P.S. I completely okay if the map is taken down.

    © Dimitar Byalkov 2017

  20. ZeroPC-Ception

    Well, I just opened the web platform ZeroPC on their built-in browser (IFRAME browser) Unfortunately the ZeroPC service shut down in May 2017.

    © Dimitar Byalkov 2016

  21. Version


    Windows 10 Cloud, Professional, Enterprise G and Evaluation (size: 4.2GB, .iso Archive) Leak by: RdAdguard Uploaded to Google Drive by Dimitar Byalkov (CapitalRhino)


  22. WinTaskKill (Simple Task Killer)

    Version 3.0


    Just a simple taskkiller for Windows. It uses the taskkill command with /f flag to force kill programs.


  23. Dummy Instalator

    Version 1.0.0


    Simple batch file fooling noobs that they are installing a helper program for Premiere Pro (you can change it) I've uploaded the original batch file and a compiled exe.



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