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  1. Windows 10 S is hated by many people. My school uses this and it makes school-based activities very smooth. They lock the Windows Store, which makes it more useless. But it's overall performance is nice. But what do you think? I hate Windows 10 completely. Don't tell anyone, but I run a live version of Windows 7 from a usb flash drive because of Windows 10.
  2. dj use for Windows

    Audacity can do live dj-ing. Only certain effects can edit the audio realtime instead of applying the effect, then playing the audio. Bass and Treble and Distortion can be used realtime and 100+ other Nyquist effects.
  3. dj use for Windows

    Ever heard of Audacity? It's free!
  4. Windows Photo Viewer for Windows 10!

    Did you know that Windows 10 already has Photo Viewer? Just right click the photo and click open with, then click Windows Photo Viewer.
  5. idk what title

    Wow. Is the Bob Pony Network really dying?
    Extremely useless.
  6. custom resolution help?

  7. What are your opinions on AMD Processors?

    If you can't afford a CPU fan, then say goodbye to your computer. That's why the Xbox 360 gets a red ring of death.
  8. Windows Server Extreme Lite

    I like Windows Server. 2012 R2 is my favorite version. Do you think the Bob Pony should make Windows Server Extreme Lite? I actually think it would be hard because I can't get Wi-Fi to work on Windows Server.
  9. Copy those drivers from a computer that already has them.
  10. Try using the AppComp program used on Windows 2000 and XP.
  11. What are your thoughts on Android 8.0 (Oreo)

    They remove most of the style. It looks very boring. Looks at iOS 10: *Falls Asleep* I'm not an Android person though.
  12. Installing Windows 95 on a PS2

    Forum now changed to Windows 98.
  13. Installing Windows 95 on a PS2

    I have decided to change it to Windows 98 because Windows 98 meets these requirements.
  14. Installing Windows 95 on a PS2

    The PS2 still worked with Video DVDs and Audio CDs. So it should still work.