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  1. I have one major question, How Long We can use lite edition without applying activation patch? So far I haven't seen any notice by windows or warning to get it activated. Have you removed all the activation components? please confirm
  2. Hey thanks, I solved the problem , I searched for my laptop's Bluetooth device drivers, hopefully found the ones that comes with windows 10, Installed the driver and Bluetooth is active The above service is not required to use bluetooth headphones, In my services.msc only these two services are running: Windows Audio Bluetooth Support service.
  3. Yes Windows Audio Service is active and running along with Bluetooth Support Service, its just "Bluetooth Handsfree service" that exist but cannot be started . If somehow we figure out the files associated with this service and restore those at system32 folder, than it will work. Please help me if you know the associated files with this service. THanks
  4. Its a laptop
  5. Lols, there was a big hole below sata ssd drive area I had to fix. I will update new pic with new CUSTOM HEATSINK right next to GPU, made of PURE SILVER + Aluminium heat-pipes used in water cooler THIS IS CALLED " ZBOOK 17 LITE EDITION"
  6. Hi, thank for the reply, Can you atleast help me getting back the "bluetooth handsfree service" I m sure if this service is active and running my bluetooth headphones will be auto-connected. I have downloaded bluetooth driver files of my laptop's bluetooth device, I will try to install and check if that works, if NOT, than this windows will be SILENT for me I cant hear anything lolz. Here are the screenshots of apps I am having trouble with, I am not sure this is caused by missing fonts, may be something else. Can u help?
  7. Windows 10 pro x64
  8. Well I had zbook 17 G2 laptop, but now its been stripped down to lightweight just like windows. I have removed unused ports, back panels, DVD drive, front panel including keyboard, speakers to make it less hot during gaming plus less devices gives longer battery backup due I less consumption of power. I also made a custom heatsink for GPU placed at the DVD drive location connected through custom made copper heat pipes.
  9. Hello, This is my first post regarding the updated lite edition of win x64 version. The installation was fast and unattended , before I install any 32bit app, I extracted the 32 bit compatibility file to windows folder, however there are some minor adjustments required to make it more stable. 1. I used wireless Bluetooth headphones by Nokia, which I cannot make active in this windows. Probably the feature to connect a Bluetooth device has been removed. I checked the services.msc and one of the two required services cannot be started. "Bluetooth handsfree service" it shows error "specified module cannot be found" but the .sys file can bee seen in system32 folder. A fix must be required. Or could be Bluetooth driver missing ? 2. I use steam to play online games like csgo. The installation was OK then when I Start app it shows entirely blank popup login window with text missing and the fields inactive. No sure what is causing the apps to behave weirdly. Could be core fonts missing?? 3. Also seen similar weird response in adobe cc 2017 suite apps. Where the text on the user interface elements is replaced by rectangular boxes, like it cannot load the required UI fonts into the app. I will update this post after few days to make this iso more stable. Good work till now Bob Pony.
    Just install this version of windows and its really fast and smooth, just one concern. Whenever I run steam client it shows black popup window , without any fonts. can anyone please help?