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    i cba to make a new account:
    my name is BinmanMarky
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    Windows 10

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    core 2 duo(upgrading soon
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  1. How fast is everybody's WI-FI?

  2. custom resolution help?

    1280 x 720
  3. custom resolution help?

    i Set a custom 16:9 resolution in nvidia control panel so i can get 16:9 on a 4:3 monitor and the bottom off my screen is glitched out help pls
  4. What is your first phone?

    iphone (original)
  5. What now?

    Yep i Used to have a iphone 4s and i found it hard to go to android
  6. What now?

    I Would Watch Some Videos On This topic Personally i Like Android over iOS its Up to you though.
  7. How much RAM are you using?

    looks like im the only one who has 2gb lol
  8. What computers do you have?

    a HP compaq from 2006 (i think) a E-system laptop acer from 2007 (media center pc) Raspberry pi 1 model b (server)
  9. What is your favorite Operating System?

    Linux Mint, windows 10 and remix os
  10. Can you make windows 9 iso??

    Sure i start making it.
  11. Hey all, A ransomware has been spreading this week called WannaCry 2.0 and it has affected most NHS Hospitals in the UK (whom are still using windows xp) and a simple update has blocked the way the virus gets onto your box. The exploit was found by the NSA in the us and it was used as a hacking tool the run code without the owner of the pc knowing. It got leaked and distributed by a hacking group known as The Shadow Brokers (LINK TO WIKI PAGE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shadow_Brokers) and Microsoft released a patch for Windows 7,Windows 8 and windows 10 to fix the vulnerability in the os's and people who have those Windows please search for updates and install everyone that comes up and if you have windows vista or later consider upgrading by buying Windows 7,8.1 or 10 and keep updating because you could get a virus or other malicious software on your box. Watch this video by an ex Microsoft employee: Thanks For reading, Ash
  12. Hey Guys And Girls, *WARNING* If you mess up your pc its your call if you do this or not. I'm going to show you how to turn on VT-x/AMD-V On a hp computer. For comparison here are my specs for my hp compaq: CPU:Intel Core 2 duo 6300 1.86GHz Ram:2.00 gb OS:Windows 10 32bit 1. Go in to your BIOS/ Setup 2. go to the security menu 3. and choose either Enable Intel Virtualisation technology or enable VT-x/AMD-V like shown: 4. Press F10 and then go to file and Save And exit 5.Reboot into windows/linux or OSX 6.Done!! Contact me if you need further help, Thanks, Ash

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