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    Hi ! I'm just some Innocent person going around the internet and stuff. Mind if i eat a cookie with milk? ok im just kidding. xd
  1. Very Good.
  2. I'm Pretty sure the icon didn't last for a long time.
  3. Good Point.
  4. RDP

    Hello Again ! Thanks for the info you sent me over. The problem with Microsoft Apps is that you require an microsoft account for these apps to work. Sadly Bob has removed these kinds of apps but kept the settings app behind because common people now use software programs instead of Published Microsoft Apps such as RDP. 2. The Software does not respond since it doesn't appear to have it's own files installed anymore (also removed). But i prefer & recommend using teamviewer now as your only choice or a similar software.
  5. I had a Nintendo 64, And two Gameboy Advance SPs. (All of them are dead now though). so now i own a Nintendo DS lite (Green case color) and my brother now owns a different nintendo 64 but a playstation 3 (updated version)
  6. Your Point?
  7. "Community Reputation: 100 - Excellent"

    Well done Bob. Well Done !    ^_^

  8. RDP

    Hi ! Thanks for the little problem you sent us. The RDP software was removed since common people use TeamViewer now or some similar software. You may can send us the error you are facing for the Re-Instaleld RDP Software.
  9. Hmmm...
  10. Should of kept the phone at your home then.
  11. I would then switch to linux for extra safety since that would be the last thing to do after.
  12. It disappeared cuz i disabled the autoplay service via services.msc lmao
  13. I think i really recommend installing the app for further builds and up-to-date apps that microsoft has to offer (Music app for example). But at the same time. it is MY OPINION if you wish to install the app or not.