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  1. What will happen in 2018?

    me being the second person to post on this post. oh wait I AM lol
  2. LunaSoft Write

    Dosen't work. Wine just says it's "expired"
  3. Would you get a NVidia GTX 1080 Ti?

    I have a 750 Ti and It works well with my G41M-Combo and Linux install. don't really need a GPU. all I need is more ram and in DDR3
  4. Community translated BP Network?

    @Bob Pony We need you to add a translation page so we can translate this forum
  5. Community translated BP Network?

    I want to translate tis site into memeish becuause sanic rules
  6. The Linux poll

    I like Linux Mint (ubuntu) with XFCE
  7. BobSuite Preview (Portable)

    It doesn't work in Wine. -Checked using SquidSquad's Grammar Checker version 1.0- ignore my last review. I tested it on my PC running Windows 10 and it worked. The UI looked really smooth (+4 stars) Sadly, web browser ultimate doesn't work (-1 star) The Rich text editor works but only one formatting is appliable (+1 star) Searcher is hard to use, basic but good (+1 star) Calculator works flawlessly without any issues (+2 stars) Same with Screen Snip (+2 stars) Control Center Onscreen keyboard failed (-2 stars) Keyboard config works Mouse config works Sound config works Display config works My computer dosen't support the gallery so I can't rate scanners and cameras Printers fine 7/5
  8. Why I hate Linux's GRUB (with 2+ operating systems)

    ^ thnx for the tip wesley. Zayne approves
  9. Step 1: Open the terminal and type sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list Step 2: You will see deb http://mirrordirector.raspbian.org/raspbian/ jessie main contrib non-free rpi # Uncomment line below then 'apt-get update' to enable 'apt-get source' #deb-src http://archive.raspbian.org/raspbian/ jessie main contrib non-free rpi replace jessie with stretch Step 3: update package lists Step 4: install python3.5 Step 5: PROFIT
  10. Why I hate Linux's GRUB (with 2+ operating systems)

    I use grub2. I thought my linux partition was unidentifiable and erased it. killing my grub
  11. I had to erase my Win7 partition with Linux Lite (Ubuntu Stripped Down but not as much as Puppy Linux) because I got rid of my other Linux partition meaning the GRUB went ripperoni meaning I lost my entire Undertale progress (which really pissed me off) If you erase Linux then the GRUB will make your entire computer not work because you erased the GRUB as well (reinstalling linux along side will make it work again) No GRUB + No Backup = Rage GRUB stands for GRand Unified Bootloader GRUB is by GNU but is not ideal with only one operating system.
  12. Dares and Dares only

    Version 1.0.1


    Dares and Dares only is an android app that generates dares


  13. What is the forum software used?

    Bob Pony What is the forum software used?

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