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    i am on telegram as julia xd lol and my discord is dank memes r best#7724
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    windows 7

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  1. Forum Chat #2 11/14/17

    How's everyone's day today so far?
  2. what is bobsuite?

  3. Blue screen when pressing the "print screen" button

    i found this on microsoft's website. (look at pics attatched)
  4. so.... i figured it out... click escape+refresh+power. you might have to power it back on. you have to type in control+d. this will delete ALL PERSONAL DATA. so do at your own risk. reactivate os verification. then when restarting it up, connect it to xfinitywifi or somwhere you have to verify to connect to it. click the x on the verification window. then click brouse as guest. then u can enable dev mode!!!!! i hope this helps. it did for me!!!
  5. How fast is everybody's WI-FI?

    mines faster than all of urs lol
  6. Google Chrome Frame

    it is seriously great! i use it for ie and firefox.... idt that it is supposed to run with firefox but whatever it works!
  7. How fast is everybody's WI-FI?

    mines fast ha ha ha lol i blocked my ip so don't even try it
  8. hello

    im bored
  9. What are your thoughts on Android 8.0 (Oreo)

    probibly im still on 7.0 still
  10. bp what is ur name

    my name is julia charity
  11. Lindows OS

    same @Tah Cobell
  12. bp what is ur name

    whats ur middle name?
  13. bp what is ur name

    @Bob Ponywhat is ur name?
  14. Chat

    this account got deleted bc i wanted to see if it would delete whick it did so this is a chat i made to see if anyone is actually in the bpc sooo