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    My favorite operating system is Windows XP, what's yours?
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    It's because they first wanted to self promote their own products for printers and such. and 2. it may look helpful at its first looks but for me they look like boring softwares for their own products. so i prefer uninstalling their products but keeping their important hardware softwares (if needed for graphics card for example).
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    Unlocked, no reason to be locked in the first place
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    Pinned this topic since it's interesting sharing favorite Operating systems from other users.
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    Really, Microsoft? Why you hided that start button? It's the best feature ever!
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    My school doesn't block any sites. Here's a photo:
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    For any other suggestions that aren't going into other subforums, suggestions are the ideas that they are suggested by people.
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    @Bob Pony Is it possible to translate this forum like the wiki? I really want to translate this site in Bulgarian.
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    The Source Particle Benchmark, also known as the Multicore CPU Particle Simulation Benchmark, is a late 2006 benchmark which introduced some of the new and more advanced features of the Source engine and Valve's hybrid threading technology, such as dynamic shadows and particle-based effects, and their performance on multi-core processors. The Particle benchmark was shown at Valve Hardware Day 2006 and given out to some visitors at GDC 2007. The Source Particle Benchmark pack consists of three folders: The first, named "map compilation benchmark", allows to compile a map set in the Episode One Citadel, ep1_citadel_03, through the file "build_map.bat" to see how long it takes for the used computer to compile a map. As it is not to be played, the map is incomplete. The second folder, named "particle simulation benchmark", contains the main test map, particle_benchmark, where the particle effects are showcased (to be launched with the file "particle_benchmark.bat" located in the subfolder "game"). To view them, the player has to trigger them with a button with under it the sign "Particle Benchmark", conveniently placed in the middle of the central room connected to the four other rooms, then a demo will showcase the four effects in their respective rooms. The player can also walk themself into the rooms to view the effects from different angles. When all effects have been viewed with the button, a benchmark score named "Particle Performance Metric" is displayed on the top-right of the screen. This is a representation of the amount of particles per second (in thousands) that the CPU is able to calculate.If the player has a highly equipped computer, the score will be high (more than 100, for instance). If not, the score will be low (around 35, for instance). The map demo_blob was only shown at Valve Hardware Day 2006 and was not contained in the version handed out at GDC 2007. This map was leaked on March 24,2017 in EP1/EP2 WC Mappack. It's demonstrations of swarms of creatures interacting more realistically with the environment, doing things like avoiding dangerous areas, toppling furniture, swarming opponents, etc. The number of creatures could also be increased depending on CPU power (number of cores as well as clock speed), so where a Core 2 Quad might be able to handle 500 creatures, a single core Pentium 4 could start to choke on only 80 or so creatures. A colored entity named "npc_surface", used to simulate dynamic liquids, can be spawned using a console command "give npc_surface". Interestingly, its model is named "Hydra.mdl", but it appears to be different and cannot be found in the files. When touched, it takes away 5 health points. Hydra textures can also be found in the texture files. According to Erik Wolpaw, the experiment behind "npc_surface" was applied to the Mobility Gels in Portal 2, with additional influence from Tag: The Power of Paint. The third and last folder, "presentation slides", contains a PowerPoint presentation, named "multicore_hardware_day.ppt" and dated November 1st, 2006, about the new features of the Source engine, and their relation to multi-core processors. All files are dated October 27, 2006 or November 1st, 2006. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0zUNHftB8oLUkxwY0xVREMxajg/view?usp=sharing
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    Ubuntu + Budgie desktop is working pretty well for me
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    As many of you already know, Ubuntu will not ship with Unity 7 or 8 in 18.04 (Scheduled for 2018). Unity and Mir will not be developed any more by Canonical (The company that makes Ubuntu). Unity 8 however has been forked and people are attempting to port it to Wayland. Links: Ubports Relevant Reddit Post Post on Ubuntu Site
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    my old pc was a bit bad, using a hdd was slow when i installed lots of programs and windows 10 on it also everytime i played a online game i would lose connection i upgraded to dvi because i would experience being in the "sharp world"
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    upgrades ssd ethernet dvi results dvi - things looks sharper and beamng runs on a better framerate ethernet - not much of a difference ssd - i installed windows 7 on it and it runs pretty fast fixing stuff the motherboard's lights now work fixed usb ports
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    Hello, This is my first post regarding the updated lite edition of win x64 version. The installation was fast and unattended , before I install any 32bit app, I extracted the 32 bit compatibility file to windows folder, however there are some minor adjustments required to make it more stable. 1. I used wireless Bluetooth headphones by Nokia, which I cannot make active in this windows. Probably the feature to connect a Bluetooth device has been removed. I checked the services.msc and one of the two required services cannot be started. "Bluetooth handsfree service" it shows error "specified module cannot be found" but the .sys file can bee seen in system32 folder. A fix must be required. Or could be Bluetooth driver missing ? 2. I use steam to play online games like csgo. The installation was OK then when I Start app it shows entirely blank popup login window with text missing and the fields inactive. No sure what is causing the apps to behave weirdly. Could be core fonts missing?? 3. Also seen similar weird response in adobe cc 2017 suite apps. Where the text on the user interface elements is replaced by rectangular boxes, like it cannot load the required UI fonts into the app. I will update this post after few days to make this iso more stable. Good work till now Bob Pony.
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    Main: 16GB DDR3 Laptop: 8GB DDRWhatever Server: 8GB DDR2
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    Please make windows 9 iso so we can use it
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    Try updating Bot Pony, I am having problems with it. such as... Not talking, not playing my mp3 file from domain and other stuff...
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    Requirements : A 8GB minimum USB drive An Sierra compatible PC (This guide is more for Intel PCs) A Virtual Machine/Mac/Working hackintosh [Skip this if you have an Mac/working hackintosh.]Step 0: Creating the virtual machine. ___________________________________________________________ Follow one of these guides: VMWare : https://techsviewer.com/install-macos-sierra-vmware-windows/ VirtualBox : https://techsviewer.com/install-macos-sierra-virtualbox-windows/ Step 1: Creating the install media ____________________________________________________________ After you setup the Virtual Machine , go to the app store and download macOS Sierra from the App Store. (If for some reason you want to use another version of macOS , you can download some here : https://macarchive.download/Mac%20OS%20X/Mac%20OS%20X/ . Remember that this guide is focused on installing Sierra , I’m not sure if it will work in older versions.) Now open Disk Utility and format the USB as OS X Extended (Journaled) and with the scheme as GUID Partition Map In Terminal, type diskutil list to find the disk and partition number of your installer media (diskDsP) diskutil mount diskDsP replacing D with the disk number, and P with the partition number. Diskutil should now tell you the name of the volume it just mounted, which looks like this: Volume YourVolume on YourVolume mounted To bootstrap your mounted install media, run sudo "/Applications/Install macOS Sierra.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia" --volume /Volumes/YourVolume --applicationpath "/Applications/Install macOS Sierra.app" --nointeraction - replacing YourVolume with the name of the volume you mounted earlier. Now,be patient and wait. Now,when it’s done copying the files over,download this: https://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/cloverefiboot/Installer/Clover_v2.4k_r4035.zip?r=https%3A%2F%2Fsourceforge.net%2Fprojects%2Fcloverefiboot%2F&ts=1489324048&use_mirror=freefr Run the file, click continue two times then click on “Change install location” and select your install media,now click on Customise and select these options according to what the BIOS mode is set as: UEFI : Install Clover for UEFI booting only Install Clover to the ESP Drivers64UEFI OsxAptioFix2Drv-64 PartitionDxe-64 Install RC scripts on target volume Legacy : Bootloader > Install boot0af in MBR Drivers64 OsxAptioFix2Drv-64 PartitionDxe-64 Install RC scripts on target volume Go to this page (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzKFq9zTakqfOUJEVVl4UWw3Z1U) and download FakeSMC , then go to this page (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzClVdL5LZYjYXVidmRFLVJDeUk) and download NullCPUPowerManagment and put those files (make sure they’re extracted) into EFI/EFI/Clover/Kexts/Others. Then , download Clover Configurator here (http://mackie100projects.altervista.org/download-mac.php?version=vibrant) and make sure that all the fixes in the Acpi tab are like this: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/244975790456963073/303306380322930699/unknown.png Copy Clover Configurator, Clover , and the kexts to the USB. Now, lets move on to the next step Step 2 : Installing macOS in your PC. ________________________________________________________________ Before booting into the USB, make sure the settings in the BIOS are set to this: Optimised Defaults loaded; If your CPU supports VT-d, disable it; If your system has CFG-Lock , Secure Boot Mode or IO SerialPort, disable it; Set the OS Type to Other OS; Set XHCI Handoff to Enabled; Save and exit. Now boot from your USB and select your install media from the menu. If you have any problems try to boot with verbose boot. Now you might see a message box with a list of utilities , choose disk utility. Erase the disk you want to install Mac OS X as Mac OS X Extended and as GUID Partition Table , just like you did to your install media. Now click erase, when its done,close the Disk Utility and go on with the installation After the first phase of the installation is done, reboot and select the USB again. After the second phase is done,we can move to the next step. Step 3 : Post-Installation ________________________________________________________________ To mount the EFI volume again,do this: In Terminal, type diskutil list to find the disk and partition number of your installer media (diskDsP) diskutil mount diskDsP replacing D with the disk number, and P with the partition number. Diskutil should now tell you the name of the volume it just mounted, which looks like this: Volume YourVolume on YourVolume mounted Now open Clover again and this time install it on your HDD, click “Customise” and see if the settings are correct. Now put the kexts we put on the USB on the EFI volume (EFI/CLOVER/KEXTS/OTHER) How to fix audio: Choice 1: https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/4sil5p/audio_mechanic_old_patchfix_removal_applealc/ Choice 2 (Universal) : https://sourceforge.net/projects/voodoohda/ More coming soon. Credits: CorpNewt
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    Well I had zbook 17 G2 laptop, but now its been stripped down to lightweight just like windows. I have removed unused ports, back panels, DVD drive, front panel including keyboard, speakers to make it less hot during gaming plus less devices gives longer battery backup due I less consumption of power. I also made a custom heatsink for GPU placed at the DVD drive location connected through custom made copper heat pipes.
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    Windows XP is lit. XP, Vista, and 7. I guess? I like Windows 8.1 than the RTM. I prefer build 9841. Nice!
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    im here but im late top kek
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    Hello and updating your os prevents to have viruses or ransomware. If not update may you get somthing bad.
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    Even though I have a Xbox One (Day One Edition) I prefer playing on my old crappy PC. (I don't like playing with a controller). UPDATE 05/12/2017: Well, today I decided to play some Fallout Shelter and it was OK but with Tomb Raider Definitive Edition I struggled a lot. For casual games a controller is okay but if you want to play more intensive games I'd stick with a regular PC keyboard and mouse.
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    I don't have an Xbox Live account. but I play some xbox games.
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    I prefere the start menu of Windows 10 Or use Classic Shell
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    This seems to be the perfect Answer. (Locking & Moving this thread aswell.)
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    I think i would have to agree that Windows 8.0 and Windows 8.1 (Without any software installed + First time) would be a minefield when using it. But it's possible to recover the old start menu via third-party software such as Start8 (In this case: A Similar Windows 7 start menu) And remove the MetroUI all together (aka block it with it's software) or make it a bit more Windows 10 styled. (Windows 10 build 9841).
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    Hello everyone, I just tried windows 10 extreme lite and I must say it's wonderful! I do need to ask something.....is it possible to re-install IE? I have to have it for certain sites. Mainly when I download games and some sites for my job (work from home) will not allow me to use anything but IE. Is there a way to add it back in?
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    crazycomicsinc have right. It works fine and good ! It's not ended.
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    in post of the categories, crazycomicsinc answer EVERYWHERE. thanks plz answer
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    Hello, What do you think of the extreme lite version, I made a video on it, and soon there will be a tuto, I find this version very top especially for the "small computer" r"
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    Been here so, that bot is dead and no longer working so then.
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    I often use Ubuntu and Unity as the default Linux OS since it seems very easy for me tbh.
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    This seems very Helpful. But to be honest. That BIOS seems old depending on the Text for example. But still.
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    @Bob Pony We need you to add a translation page so we can translate this forum
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    The problem of Windows is written in one language
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    Windows 8 is a pretty good operating system for a tablet, but when it was installed on a desktop, absolute hell. I hated the look of everything, at first, but then i got used to it. I still hate it, though. I like a kind of, clear-ish, windows 7 look.
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    Windows Longhorn build 5048, Firefox 6.0 is the only latest one that works with Windows Longhorn build, anything higher than that version of firefox will be a crash.
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    Version 1.0.1


    Main Requirements: 16MB Ram 205MB HDD (BSOD under 205MB in a VM,but could work on real hardware) Processor better than an i486 No Wifi. Everything Disabled.